Killer Bass
Gender Female
Seasons competed 1
Episodes competed 4
Place in Camp Drama Forest Grumps
20th place
Friends Katie, Sadie
Enemies Beth, Courtney, Harold, Heather, Trent
Actor Nduke

Eva, labeled The Bully, is a contestant in Roleplay Reborn. She has competed in Camp Drama as a member of the Killer Bass.

Camp DramaEdit

Eva is an aggressive contestant from the start as shown in The Hunter Games; where she is initially found by Chef with Courtney while choking Cody in anger, and although she does escape, she is later the second to last camper caught in the challenge. She is barred from competing in Featherheads, due to being selected as the strongest Killer Bass member, and in Forest Grumps she becomes even more aggressive with her teammates, throws the team's only food source at a bear to distract it, and is later eliminated for indirectly causing the team to starve throughout the night. In Cut to the Case, she teams up with Katie and Sadie, but gets annoyed with them and goes off on her own, aggressively hunting down the case and attacking any contestants she finds with it, but she does not advance into Studio Drama, angering her.


Camp DramaEdit

Studio DramaEdit


  • She has the lowest participation out of any female on the show, being the first girl voted off in Camp Drama and not returning for a future season.
Eliminated from Camp Drama
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