Killer Grips
Number of Members 7
Highest Ranking Member Lindsay, 1st place
Lowest Ranking Member Trent, 12th place
Advanced to Global Drama 5
Team Selected By Chris

The Killer Grips is one of the two opposing teams on Studio Drama, consisting of Beth, DJ, Izzy, Justin, Leshawna, Lindsay, and Trent. Throughout the season, they win four out of eight pre-merge challenges and vote off Trent, Leshawna, Beth, and DJ.

Studio Drama

In It's a Mad, Mad, Mad, Mad Monster, the Killer Grips are formed by Chris just before the monster challenge. As the teams run from the monster, Trent is shown to be upset that he is not on the same team as Gwen and later runs off to find her. Beth and DJ pair up but are the first on the team to be caught by the monster. Izzy and Leshawna are caught next, and Trent eventually finds Gwen hiding with Duncan, only to be captured along with her soon after. Justin is captured by the monster as well, but he uses his good looks and charm to escape its grasp, gaining the suspicion of Noah. In the end, Lindsay arrives with Duncan at the cast trailers, and for being the only member of the team left in the challenge, Lindsay is deemed the official team leader of the Killer Grips.

In Land of the Host, Chris meets the contestants at the prehistoric set and explains that the teams must duel over a tar pit with bones. Lindsay goes against Geoff, but does not remember who he is and quickly knocks him out. Leshawna battles Gwen next, and as she questions her awkwardness with Trent, Gwen hurriedly knocks Leshawna off the pillar. Izzy faces off with Heather, but she immediately tackles Heather into the pit and loses the round. Justin then goes up against Harold and he once again uses his charm to win the round. Chris amusedly pits Trent against Duncan, and Trent feigns friendship with him; only to slam Duncan on the head with his weapon, knocking him out. DJ easily wins against Katie, and with the teams nearly tied, Chris leaves the last match as the deciding one, pitting Beth against Noah. However, the two fall at the same time, ending the round in a tie, and the Grips win the challenge.

At the start of Cops Out!, Justin meets with Beth and Lindsay outside the craft services tent. He proposes an alliance between the three of them, and after some negotiation, they agree. At the prison movie studio, the teams split into two groups for the prison escape challenge; with Izzy, Justin, and Lindsay on the digging team, Beth and DJ climbing the wall, and Trent and Leshawna belaying them. While belaying, Trent argues with Duncan and Leshawna is caught in the middle, annoyed with the conflict between them. Meanwhile, Beth and DJ try to get closer to each other, only to be interrupted by Geoff, and Izzy makes fun of Heather as her group digs. In the end, the Grips escape the prison first and win their third challenge in a row.

In Ontario's Next Flop Model, the conflict between Duncan and Trent rises as the teams are given a fashion challenge; with Lindsay modeling for the Grips, Trent as her designer, and Justin as one of the judges. Lindsay is very excited for the challenge until Trent decides to dress her up as Gwen in an attempt to impress her. Lindsay rejects the idea, but Trent, paranoid over Gwen and Duncan's friendship, locks Lindsay in a closet with duct tape and goes to confront Duncan. He runs into Justin and he asks him to distract Gwen which he reluctantly agrees to, and when Trent finally confronts Duncan alone, the conflict turns physical as Trent attacks Duncan. Later, as Trent returns to his dressing room, Gwen finds Lindsay in the closet and discovers what happened. On the runway, Lindsay is forced to dress as Gwen, dissatisfying the judges and the Grips lose for the first time. Outside the trailers, Gwen meets with Trent and breaks up with him, tired of his jealously and disturbed by his actions, but they are secretly observed by Justin. At the Killer Grips' first elimination ceremony, Trent is eliminated over his jealous actions. Confused on why he was voted off, Justin lies and tells him that Gwen told his alliance to vote for him. Leshawna is particularly shocked by this, and a heartbroken Trent trudges down the Walk of Shame.

In The Explodables, Izzy claims to be a new personality, under the name of "Explosivo", and the teams are later challenged to blow up an ice sculpture. The team finds Explosivo to be perfect for the job, but as she sparks her pile of explosives, the resulting explosion causes herself to be injured and she is taken away by a stretcher. The teams are split off into groups inside two flooding submarines; and while Heather argues with Leshawna in their sub, Leshawna suggests that they take turns swimming down to the hatch. Justin refuses, angering Leshawna, and she forces Heather to swim down by throwing her wig off. In the second sub, DJ worries for Beth's safety and is asked to use his strength to break the wall. Unfortunately, Gwen soon breaks through it herself and the Grips lose the challenge once again. Later, Justin meets with Lindsay and tells her that they will be voting off Leshawna, as he fears she will become a threat. Heather overhears this, and attempts to warn her of Justin's plotting. However Leshawna does not believe Heather, due to their past history together, and at the awards ceremony, Leshawna is eliminated as planned. Chris announces that Izzy will be eliminated as well, as her injuries have left her unable to compete. As Leshawna walks to the Lame-o-sine, Heather arrives, and after Leshawna admits that she was right about Justin, the two make a truce.

In Paranormal Captivity, the teams are challenged to explore a haunted house set. As they split up, Beth decides to pair up with DJ instead of Justin, shocking him and making him question his beauty. While Beth and DJ explore the house, DJ is put off by the scenery, and Beth comforts him. Beth later encourages DJ that he would be a great boyfriend one day, and seeing an opportunity, DJ finally asks Beth out on a date; much to Beth's excitement. Justin meanwhile explores with Lindsay and asks her if he is still handsome. However she forgets his name and even confuses him with Geoff, making him more worried. Later, DJ and Beth are seen having a romantic moment as they make out in a bedroom, only to be interrupted by a ghost that torments them, and they are eventually captured. Justin ends up being the last of the team in the challenge, and after running into Duncan, a ghost grabs Justin by the hair and he loses the challenge. At the awards ceremony, Justin reports that he received an injury during the challenge and Chris therefore makes him immune from the vote. Beth votes for Justin before she hears this, and in the end, Beth is eliminated by Justin. DJ is devastated, but before she leaves; Beth establishes her and DJ's relationship, says goodbye to Lindsay, and stands up to Justin one final time.

The tension within the Killer Grips boils in The Break Up Club, as the team is whittled down to three. With Justin's alliance with Lindsay holding strong, DJ worries about his safety in the competition. Hope for the team seems to arrive as Chris announces that someone will be joining the competition. However, it is Courtney who returns, and by her own request, she is put on the Screaming Gaffers instead. The challenge begins with a high school movie theme, and Justin easily succeeds at impressing Chef in part one, DJ's cheerleading routine fails in part two. With the teams tied, Lindsay goes against Heather in a photo shoot and easily beats her, due to Heather falling over. The Grips initially win the challenge, but Courtney does not accept her new team's defeat and demands that the Gaffers be declared the winners. Despite all protests, Chris reluctantly gives Courtney's team the win and the Grips' losing streak is forced to continue. At the ceremony, DJ is unfortunately eliminated, but he accepts his fate and gives Lindsay a final warning before leaving the film lot, leaving the Grips with only two surviving members.

In Goth White and the Seven Dorks, the Grips' luck turns around as Izzy is brought back to the competition, having recovered from her former injuries. This especially excites Lindsay, and for the fairytale movie challenge, she is chosen as her team's princess and is taken to the tower set with Harold as her dragon guard. As Izzy and Justin search for the tower, Justin attempts to form an alliance with Izzy. However, Izzy denies him and states that she does not find him attractive, much to his shock and horror. Meanwhile, Lindsay accidently reveals her alliance with Justin to Courtney, who uses this as a chance to have a private talk with her. Justin and Izzy eventually find the tower at the same time as the Gaffers, and as they race to the top, Izzy actively fights Heather until she is knocked off by Duncan. As both teams reach the top of the tower, Izzy quickly dispatches Courtney and reclaims Lindsay, winning the challenge and finally ending the Grips' losing streak.

The teams officially merge in Invasion of the Booty Snatchers, leaving Izzy, Justin, and Lindsay as the only surviving members of the team to make it to the merge.


Killer Grips
Beth | DJ | Izzy | Justin | Leshawna | Lindsay | Trent


Contestant Gender Rank Team rank Episode Reason for elimination
Trent Male 12th 7th Ontario's Next Flop Model His jealousy of Gwen and Duncan escalated violently and he was seen as unstable by the team.
Leshawna Female 11th 6th The Explodables Justin saw her as a potential threat to him and used his alliance against her.
Izzy Female Returns Returns The Explodables She was removed from the competition due to injury in the challenge.
Beth Female 10th 5th Paranormal Captivity After losing his influence on Beth, who chose DJ over him, Justin received immunity from the vote and used Lindsay to eliminate her.
DJ Male 9th 4th The Break Up Club As the only member of the team not allied with Justin, he was voted off after Courtney forced the Grips to lose; despite their initial win.
Izzy Female 6th 3rd Queen of Hurts The RCMP once again attempted to arrest Izzy and she left the competition with a smoke bomb in order to escape.
Justin Male 4th 2nd Spyfall He was automatically eliminated after not escaping the exploding building in time and not completing the challenge.
Lindsay Female 1st 1st Studio Drama: Duncan vs. Lindsay She received more votes from the eliminated cast, winning the season and the one million dollar prize.


  • Beth and Izzy are the only members of the Killer Grips to not participate in Global Drama.